duminică, 26 august 2012


"The picturesque coast of the village of Tyulenovo is located near the town of Shabla, 30 km from the frontier post of Durankulak and 80 km from the city of Varna. The area is famous for its matchless sea-shore and caves, fresh air, transparent sea-water and its unique nature. The old name of the village is Kalach Kyoy (‘village of the sword’). The original name is Turkish in view of the Gagauz population (Christians of Turkic origin). Gradually many Bulgarians from the interior of Bulgaria, primarily from the Kotel region, settled in the village. In 1942 the village was renamed Tyulenovo, because of the presence of flocks of monk type seals(Monachus monachus), for which such a combination of surf, caves, low level rocks and winds appeared to be a good place for populating. The story goes that during the 30’s of the last century the Romanian Queen Mary received as a gift a pair of seals. At first they lived in an enclosure on the shores of Balchik, but soon she decided to set them free, then they adapted and created generations dwelling in the underwater caves of Tyulenovo. They say that seals still inhabit the cliffs to the north and to the south of the village. Others argue that in 1978, during an underwater expedition by Germans, in one of the caves a diver discovered the remains of the recently deceased last seal. Even if there were other survivors, today there are hardly any left and this is rather a myth that locals maintain for the tourists. However, you can see many dolphins jumping and getting you carried away with their play."

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